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GROKSÌ! is the baked snack made of cheese

Groksì! has only one ingredient: cheese. GROKSÌ! is genuine, tasty and with high nutritional value because it is rich in Calcium, Phosphorous and Proteins, and has been kneaded naturally without Gluten and Lactose.
GROKSÌ! is the healthy snack for school, the protein snack for sport nutrition, the perfect snack for a diet without carbohydrates and the basis for finger food and tasty appetizers.
It is practical because it can be preserved out of the fridge.

grana padano cheese
groksi novello
groksi novello front
groksi novello back
groksi deciso
groksi deciso front
groksi deciso back
groksi classico
groksi classico front
groksi classico back
groksi rosmarino
groksi rosmarino front
groksi rosmarino back